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Do you require the most dependable and efficient best Bora Saw Plate on the market for your organization? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct spot. We’re saving you time and aggravation by avoiding the need to read through hundreds of reviews.

It’s difficult for consumers to decide which Bora Saw Plate product to purchase. The many types of Bora Saw Plate on the market create this issue. This in-depth manual will help you determine which Bora Saw Plate are ideal for your needs.

Top 10 Best Bora Saw Plate To Buy on the market

Bora NGX Saw Plate Includes 55" Non-Chip Strip That Elimates Tear Out, Designed for Straight Cuts While Using The NGX Clamp Edge System, 544001

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  • Fixed Center Molded Channel Reduces Blade Offset And Guesswork
  • Self-Adhesive Non-Chip Strip Attaches To The Bottom Of Your Ngx Clamp Edge And Reduces Top Edge Tear-Out For A Smooth Finish
  • Quick-Release Clamps Are Adjustable So Your Saw Goes On And Off The Plate Effortlessly
  • Aluminum Guide Rails Position Your Saw Accurately Every Time

Bora Saw Guide 544006

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  • Works with the Bora WTX Clamp edges and Bora NGX clamp edges
  • Versatile - Fits right- and left-handed circular saws
  • Improved Front fence minimizes side to side tool movement
  • New side stop allows you to replace the tool in exactly the same place, every time
  • Low profile front Clamps allow a greater range of placement.Friction fit cut indicator doesn't require tools to adjust or lock in place.Secure - 3 points of contact means your saw is held securely while cutting.Replaces Bora saw plate - 542006

BORA 5-Piece NGX Clamp Edge System Set for Making Precision Cuts, Includes 50-inch Clamp Edge, 50-inch Extension, Pro Saw Plate, Track Clamps, Non-Chip Strip, 544500

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  • Track Saw Precision: Making straight cuts with a circular saw, router, or jigsaw is a challenging task, but with the BORA 5-PC NGX Clamp Edge System it is quick and easy to break down sheet material and rip boards with clean, accurate cuts every time
  • 100” of Cutting Capacity: The NGX 50” Clamp Edge is made of heavy-gauge, extruded aluminum that clamps tightly on everything from plywood to dimensional lumber. And for big projects, like a rip cut on a 4x8, increase the length up to 100 inches with the NGX 50” aluminum extension.
  • Stop the Guesswork: Effortlessly attach the NGX Saw Plate to your right- or left-handed saw with the adjustable quick-release clamps. A fixed center molded channel helps reduce blade offset and the aluminum guide rails position your saw to make precision cuts.
  • Reduce Tear Out: Prevent top edge tear-out and splintering with two rolls of 55-inch Self-Adhesive Non-Chip Strip. Attach it to the bottom of the NGX Clamp Edge for a smooth finish

BORA Rip Guide with Saw Plate + Rip Handle, BORA Cutting System Rip Guide for Circular Saws, 544008

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  • Precise Rip Cuts and Crosscuts: Get straight accurate rip cuts and crosscuts up to 24 inches (610mm) wide on the sheet material you are breaking down
  • Repeatable Accuracy: The Bora Rip Guide allows you to make repetitive rip cuts and crosscuts, while improving your accuracy and saving you time
  • Save Time: The Rip Guide by BORA will eliminate the need for marking and measuring each cut. Lock in your measurement and saw for accurate cuts every time. Now you can confidently make multiple cuts at once
  • Easy Setup: Three simple steps and your Rip Guide is set up! The Saw Plate stop allows you to quickly setup your saw every time
  • Stability: Large ergonomic Rip Guide handle ensures a solid grip. The aluminum rail attaches securely to the Saw Plate for confident cuts

BORA 100" WTX Clamp Edge and Saw Plate Set for Woodworking, Contractors, Carpenters and DIY, Guide for Circular Saws, 100 Inch Cutting Length | 545106K

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  • WTX Clamp Edge is made of heavy-gauge, extruded aluminum for extreme durability
  • Adjustable clamp end on straight edge slides easily up and down to fit material to be cut
  • Locking clamp edge handle grabs work surfaces for a secure edge that won't budge
  • Clamp Edge and Extension include ruled edge for easy measuring. Length-62.75 inch, Width-3 inch, Height-1.5 inch
  • Adjustable channel on saw plate fits a wide variety of straight edges up to 3. 5” wide

Bora WTX Clamp Edge 4 Pc. Set, 50” + 24” Clamps + 50” Extension + Saw Plate

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  • Set includes a saw plate, 24-inch and 50-inch clamp edges, and 50-inch extension that can be attached to either clamp edge
  • Ridged aluminum straight edge guides make straight, accurate track saw like cuts
  • Clamp edge features a soft-grip, non-marring rubberized clamping pad securely grips all surfaces
  • Saw plate fits left or right handed circular saws and can be used on clamp edges up to 3-1/2 (89mm) inches wide
  • Use the saw guide with your circular saw to cut with unmatched precision, or used for free hand cutting with the plate attached

Bora 542007 Rip Guide for Bora Saw Plate 542006. The Circular Saw Guide Rail that Produces Straight Cuts up to 24”

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  • The rip guide can be used with Bora WTX saw plate to make precise, straight cuts up to 24”
  • Extruded aluminum rail attaches securely for confident cuts
  • Comfortable, adjustable rip handle ensures solid grip
  • Easily fits into your toolbox so you can take it anywhere

Bora 542006 WTX Saw Plate – The Easy to Use Saw Sled / Circular Saw Guide That Ensures Straight, Precise Cuts. Easily Rip Plywood or Other Sheet Material to Your Exact Specifications and Measurements

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  • Use with your circular saw to cut with unmatched precision. Convenient - your saw can still be used for free hand cutting with the plate attached
  • Easy to use, yet extremely secure, with three points of connection to saws.
  • The adjustable channel ensures it fits a wide variety straight edges guides (up to 3 1/2" wide)
  • Keeps and guides your circular saw straight and true while cutting, without wobble or binding
  • Fits right and left handed circular saws. Sled Measures 8" x 14" x 7/8"

BORA 4-piece WTX Deluxe Set, Straight Cut Guide for Circular Saws, Includes 24-Inch & 50-Inch WTX Clamp Edges, 50-Inch Extension, Saw Plate, 545410

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  • Includes 24-inch & 50-inch WTX Clamp Edges, 50" Extension with connectors, Saw Plate
  • WTX Clamp Edge is made of heavy-gauge, extruded aluminum for extreme durability
  • Adjustable channel on saw plate fits a wide variety of straight edges up to 3.5” wide
  • Fits right- and left-handed circular saws
  • Ruled extrusion allows for easy measurements

Bora NGX 6-Piece Premier Set, Straight Cutting Saw Guide Accessories for Circular Saw, 544600K

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  • Includes: 50-inch NGX clamp edge, 50-inch NGX Extension with connectors, Saw Plate, 2 rolls of non-chip strip, 2 Track Clamps, T-Square Accessory
  • Clamping end on straight edge moves with handle for easy adjustability from one side
  • Locking handle grabs work surfaces for secure grip that won’t budge
  • Includes 50” Clamp Edge and 50” extension for 100” cutting capacity
  • Made of heavy-gauge, rigid aluminum for extreme durability

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